Most of the time, many users find it difficult to differentiate between a bunk bed and a trundle bed. Some believe that they are the same and that trundle is just another name to qualify a bunk bed. This is totally incorrect. A bunk and trundle bed are different mattresses entirely.

Although they have some other features in common, their design and shape are totally different from each other. Likewise, there is no superior bed between these two. Both perform functions excellently in various homes. This article is written to give you a better understanding of these two beds. Also to look into the advantages and disadvantages of getting them.

Bunk Bed

When two or more beds are arranged beds are arranged on each other to leave space for the installation of other bedding materials. It is a vertical arrangement of two or more beds on each other with just occupying the space of a single bed. Since it does not take up to much space and allows installing a large number of beds in a small room.

Beside its space-saving feature, it is also a one for sleepers who enjoy a lot of privacy. These bed types are designed with for string poles or pillars that does not only help it to stand firm on the floor but also prevents the sleeper from rolling down on the floor.

Meanwhile, they come at a relatively low price since you would not need to purchase two separate beds. Likewise, it is made with a ladder that helps people who sleep in the upper part of the bunk to climb up with ease. Some of the best bunk beds are Coaster Fine Furniture Stephan Bunk Bed, Dorel Living Sierra Triple Bunk Bed, etc.


1. Cost

One of the benefits that come with a bunk bed is that it has a relatively low price when compared to other types of beds. Its price is not high because you would not need two purchase a separate bed for your guest who is planning to visit you. Likewise, you would not need to rent a big apartment before installing it.

2. Space

Many users love this bed because it helps them to save a lot of space. With bunk beds, you would enough space to install other bedding materials such as wardrobe, drawer, chair, mirror and so on.

3. Storage

Another benefit that you would get from this bed is that it comes with a storage component under the bottom of the bunk bed. With this storage, you can keep you sleeping materials such as bed sheet, pillow, etc., when you are away for a while.


1. Safety

Most of the time, the bunk bed at the upper part of the mattress is dangerous as any user especially kids could roll down form it quickly.

2. Celling

Many users have compliance that some bunks beds are too high that they even reach the calling making it inconvenient for them especially when they want to stand up.

Trundle Bed

Both bunk and trundles beds are types of mattress that help you to save ample space. However, trundle beds are a little lower compared to bunk beds that have a great height. While the top mattress of a trundle bed is similar to a regular bed, the lower part is installed underneath the upper one, and it is kept out of sight whenever it is not in use.

Whenever you are ready to sleep on the lower part of a trundle bed, you won’t find it challenging to draw out as it has caster or wheels that make it movement easy. Unlike a bunk bed that makes the room looks crowded, a trundle bed gives a bedroom a free look especially when the lower bed has been hidden. Examples of trundle beds are Orlando Bed with Flat Panel Foot Board and Urban Trundle Bed, Concord Bed with Flat Panel Foot Board and Trundle Bed.


1. Space Saving

When you compare a bunk or loft bed with a trundle bed, there is no argument that trundle beds require less space unlike the other two. During the day a trundle bed becomes a standard only occupying a small space.

2. Easy to Use

What makes a trundle bed unique is that it does not take too much time or energy before putting it into place. It comes with a caster or wheels that allow you to draw out the lower bed without any difficulties and to roll it back when done.

3. Different Designs Sizes

One significant benefits that you would with this bed is that it comes in various designs and sizes that give users the liberty to choose anyone that suits their taste.


1. Short Time Durability

Since the lower part of a trundle bed is drawn in and out virtually every day, it tends to spoil easily.

2. Inconvenience

A person who sleeps on the upper part of a trundle might mistakenly step on the one who sleeps on the lower part making it inconvenient for both users.