Do you know that the bathroom is not only for bathing? In fact, you can do many more great things. For example, you can teach your children how to swim in their bath time.

Children are smart and can learn quickly. Besides, their bodies are so small that a bathtub can already be a good condition for them to learn swimming.

Following the guide below, you can teach your children and have a wonderful time with them. Feel great? Let’s start!

Why Should You Teach Your Children How To Swim At Home?

The children who learn how to swim early can develop themselves faster than the other. Therefore, you should teach your children to swim as soon as possible.

The American Pediatric Association has shown that children under 3 months old can survive well underwater without being taught. The reason is that their arms have long spans to adapt to the rotation process in their mother’s womb. So when they are in the water, they know how to struggle. If the children don’t swim usually, they will lose their swimming instinct. That explains why some grown-up people cannot swim nowadays.

If you have time, train your children swimming so they can improve their reflexes. As the sequence, when they grow up, they will not forget this instinct.

The body of the children is small. Therefore, you do not have to bring them to any swimming class. The bathtub is already big enough for them. It is such a wonderful condition for you to play with your children, isn’t it?

Prepare The Bathtub

Now we will dive into the details to learn how to prepare the bathtub.

Children love toys and cute things, right? So why don’t you buy some bath toys for them to interact with during the swimming lesson? Besides, you can learn tips to paint your bathtub. So despite a normal bath sink, a bathtub with cute color paint will make the lesson more enjoyable.

Now you have a beautiful bathtub. The other thing you need to do is to add the water into the bath sink. But before opening the faucet, you need to lock your bathtub with a drain stopper.

Remember to fill the bathtub with warm water because the children’s skins are so soft. If the temperature is so hot or so cold, it can damage the children’s bodies.

Some Activities For Your Children To Learn Swimming At Home

To start a fun tub activity, fill up the bathtub and do not forget to lock the bathtub drain so that the water does not flow. There are different kinds of bathtub drain stoppers for you to choose from. Some are even designed so cute for kids. Besides, before pouring water, make sure that the bathtub is always clean. And now, let’s enjoy it!

Make the face wet

Let’s think about this when an adult started learning how to swim. The first thing they were afraid of submerging their heads. And so do children when they first learn. However, children learn way faster. That is why children should learn how to swim as soon as possible.

To do this, you can make wet the parts of your children’s face. After they get used to it, you can use a towel to wipe your child’s face with lots of water. As such, they can adapt quickly.

Try floating in the bathtub

After wetting your face, you can let your child practice floating in the bath. This is an important step to help children to swim on their own.

Start with them by laying their backs and keep them in a floating position on the water. And remember to keep them as comfortable as possible. If your child can not float by themselves, use your hands under his/ her back to hold until he or she is able to float.

Try blowing bubbles

Next are breathing exercises. I consider this the most difficult period of learning to swim. Many people have given up swimming lessons because they do not know how to breathe and are always afraid of drowning.

However, children are not afraid. That is why their progress is faster. Teach them to breathe by blowing bubbles through their noses while in the water. Funny noises will stimulate and make them feel good about it. And they will like it too. In this way, they could already breathe on their own.

However, please note that you should watch over your kids to avoid unpredictable consequences as water can easily suffocate them.

Interact with bath toys

Besides teaching children to swim in the bath, you can use a bath toy to guide your baby, creating a more enjoyable atmosphere. For example, you can use duck toys and ask your children to follow the cute ducks; Or you can use the balls to teach them about the noises they make while breathing in the water. Doing this thing not only creates joy for children but also helps them develop motor skills from an early age.


In conclusion, this article has summarized enough information to help you figure out how to teach children to learn to swim in the bathtub in the most detailed way.

Swimming is an essential and vital life skill for children and even adults to protect themselves while underwater. Hopefully, with this article, you can help your child become a small fish that can swim in a large pool.

Thank you for spending the time to read!