Until now, many sleepers still find it difficult to differentiate between a bunk bed and a loft bed. This distinction is even made more complicated as these two beds have similar styles, functions, and sometimes even their prices are the same.

Bunk Bed vs Loft Bed: Which Is Best For You?

However, a bunk bed is totally different from a loft bed, and it should not be used interchangeably. Without any doubt, there is not really a superior bed between these two. Both of them performs very well. This article has been written to make a comparison of both bunk and loft beds. It would also look into their advantages and disadvantages.

Bunk Bed

Bunks bed are types of beds in which about two or more beds are arranged on one another occupying the space of a single bed. They are ideal beds for those who run a crèche or orange homes. Most of the time, they are usually found on ships, in the military, dormitories, summer camps, prisons, in the hostels and other.

Apart from the fact that it does not take up too many spaces, it is also a good choice for sleepers who enjoy a lot of privacy. Meanwhile, bunk beds are usually constructed with poles or pillars at each corner of the bed. These poles help to protect users who are at the upper part of the bed from rolling on the ground.

Also, it is most time made with a ladder that helps a user to climb the upper part easily. Example of bunk beds are Walker Edison Solid Wood Twin Bunk Bed, Zinus Easy Assembly Classic Metal Bunk Bed. However, ensure you pick the right mattress for bunk beds.


1. Space

What makes most sleepers to consider getting a bunk bed is the amount of space it would provide for them. Bunk beds help you to arrange four beds which would have taken different spaces on their own. This is the best mattress for people who have a large number of family members but with less space.

2. Cost

Bunk beds are one of the most cost-saving mattresses in the market today. Apart from the fact that you don’t need to rent a large apartment to install them,  you would also need not to worry about buying to separate mattresses as all you need are two small beds you can roll on one another.

3. Storage

Most bunk beds come with a storage component at the bottom bunk. With this storage component, you can keep your blankets, sheets pillow,  and other bedding materials.


1. Safety

One of the major cons that bunk beds have is that they are not that safe. A person sleeping on the top of the bunk might mistakenly roll down on the floor.

2. Convenience

Bunk beds are not that easy to use. Most of the time, a person who sleeps at the top would have to climb up a ladder before he gets to the bed.

Loft Bed

Most of the time, users get confused about the difference between a bunk and a loft bed and even use them as the same thing. While a bunk bed has two beds rolled on each other, a loft bed on has one bed at the top without a bottom bed.

The area for the bottom bed is left free and can be occupied by some piece of furniture such as a desk,  small wardrobe, chair and so on. Most of the time, these furniture are made alongside with this bed. When compared to a bunk bed, it has better and attractive designs and comes at a relatively high price.

You can get loft beds in different materials such as wood, plastic, and metal depending on which one is more suitable for you. Examples of loft beds are Donco Kids 760-CP Low Sturdy Loft bed, Your Zone Twin Wood Loft Style Bunk Be, etc.


1. Storage

What makes many users prefer a loft bed to a bunk bed is because it has storage space beneath it. With this storage space, you can install a dark and chair where you can have your readings or fit a wardrobe where you curl your hair and do all other things.

2. Space

Like a bunk bed, a loft bed also help to keep space for the installation of other materials. It only takes a little amount of space vertically.

3. Design

Apart from the fact that loft beds have better designs than bunk beds, they also come along with other furniture such as a desk, chair, drawer, wardrobe and so on, that adds more elegance to your bedroom. Also, you can get a loft bed either made with a plastic, metal or wood depending on your choice.


1. Expensive

Loft beds are more costly than bunk beds. They come with extra designs and furniture which make those price a little bit high. Likewise, they are scarce on the market, unlike bunk beds that you can purchase in local shops.

2. Sleeping Option

Unlike a bunk bed that offers you two or more beds to sleep on, a loft bed only provides users with a single bed with either a less space or a full one depending on how it is constructed.